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Our Hair Extensions are Guranteed to make you look 10 years younger.
San Diego Hair Extensions Boutique offers  complementary consultations.

Whether you desire thickening, length, hi-lights, low-lights, or fun colors, San Diego Hair Extensions Boutique offers the best quality of Hair Extensions. We have samples of our Hair Extensions, you will be able to see the amazing quality of our Hair Extensions, as well as before and after pictures of our work. Customer service is standing by to help you 24 hours a day, to answer any Hair Extensions questions you may have. And set up your FREE Hair Extensions consultation with A certified Hair Extensions specialist. Our complementary Consultations generally take about 20 to 30 min. We will provide you with an estimate of the Hair Extensions, prices of Hair Extensions are determined on the quality of Hair Extensions,   "Quality is determined on the texture of your natural hair" as well as the length, ( Hair Extensions Lengths comes in 8" to 34") Quantity ( the amount of Hair Extensions is determined on how thick you want your hair as well as the amount that's needed to have a natural look and blend of your natural hair and your Hair Extensions) We offer FREE in between maintenance services for all our Hair Extensions. We also guarantee the quality of our Hair Extensions. We only use the best Hair, and hair extensions. Our Hair is Organic no chemicals, 100% Virgin human hair from Italy, Brazil, Russia, Malaysia, Spain, Indonesia, or India, we insure lasting results with Your Hair Extensions  investment.
Our Certified Hair Extensions are..
Lunch Hour Hair Extensions-
Seemless Hair Extensions are the answer to your busy schedule. Do you want long hair? Do you want thicker Hair? Do you want major, instant change makeover and just don't have a lot of time? This is the answer you have been waiting for. Done in about 30min to an hour with 100% Human Hair. Love it, Live it, Dream it, Have it All, and back to work with gorgeous hair before lunch is over. Your co- workers will be thinking what ever she ate for lunch, I want some.







Hairlocs Hair Extensions-
Hairlocs Hair Extensions is a cold process for applying Hair Extensions, wefts, and Hair integrations systems. Hairlocs Hair Extensions is safe for all hair types. Hairlocs Hair Extensions is re-usable over several applications. San Diego Hair Extensions Boutique offer in between maintenance services so you never have to experience a full take down.







NXS Hair Extensions-
This revolutionary hair extensions does not use heat or glue, no sewing or weaving; just an innovative technique that secures our Hair Complements System tress in less than one hour. NXS system does not damage your natural hair, and it is comfortable to wear in all seasons. It is removable and replaceable, without any chemicals or solvents, and again, in less than an hour.
















Great Lengths Hair Extensions and Hairdreams Hair Extensions Systems

No more 8 hour visits! The average application time for a full head of Keratin bond Hair Extensions (including cut/style) is 2 to 5 hours.
We choose to become certified in two similar Hair Extensions companys, Great Lengths Hair Extensions, and Hairdreams Hair Extension Systems because they are two of the best hair extensions systems in the world as well as superior quality of the hair and methods of application.











Great lengths Hair Extensions-
Great Lengths hair extensions can be used for volumizing, lengthening, coloring or simply adding texture. Whether creating a new look, following fashion or with a special occasion on the horizon. Great Lengths hair extensions have over 55 colors to choose from and blend with your own hair for perfect color matches. We also boast a range of Diamond Threads made with crystalized- Swarovski Elements and our own Flow-strands combining two colors for that dip-dyed effect.So realistic and natural, our bonding system is kind to your hair and scalp, Great Lengths hair extensions will transform your hair with stunning results.













Hair Dreams Hair Extensions
Hair Dreams Hair Extensions offers a huge variety of extensions featuring a vast amount of colors, lengths and styles. Hair Dreams goal is providing high quality, realistic hair extensions. Hair Dreams Hair Extensions are well known Hair Extensions system that are used by celebrities.
Hair dreams Hair Extensions currently offers two types of hair extensions quality of hair. The type of hair quality used for each indavisual client is determenmened on the texture of your natural hair.















Hair Dreams Har Extensions Basic Hair Extensions
Basic Hair Extensions, Is From india sacried tempels. Basic is selected virgin dark human hair. This hair is lightened over a 24 hour period to the desired shade. Basic hair is high quality and features great elasticity and a natural feel. Basic hair extensions can be worn for three to six months!

Hair Dreams Hair Extensions, Special quality hair extensions
Special quality Hair Extensions is from Russia, our highest quality hair extensions. Special quality Hair Extensions is made from top quality russian hair that ranges in color from blonde to black. This type of hair is hand selected and then hand processed to achieve the best quality. Special quality Hair Extensions, hair can be used threw several applications.. (Special quality Hair Extensions, hair not the service), can last a year to, two years depending on care!














The Sewn-in Weft technique
This is where a secure track of hair is used to stitch wefts of hair into your own hair using a basket stitch method. This method takes about 1-2 hours to apply. Wefts are attached to your head by sewing them to a tiny braid which runs horizontally around the back of your head. The tracks are done in the middle of your scalp underneath your hairline so you can't see them.
The front area of your own hair covers the hair extensions making the extensions invisible. Once the braids are done, the wefts are sewn to them and then your own hair is blended with and combed over the extensions. The Benefits of the sewn-in weft is, this method is low maintenance to look after. This does not suit extremely fine hair types. Its more suited to normal thickness to thick hair types. Maintenance: Every 4-5 weeks the weft needs to be tightened. This is a simple process and very quick and easy. Longevity of Hair for sewn-in.. All the hair we offer can be re-used.













None surgical Hair Replacement / Hair Integration system / Hair Extensions
This system is best for Alopecia, Cancer treatment, Hair Loss, and Bolding.. Private installation is available, in a private one on one salon
Are you in need for a hair loss solution? Do you feel like renewing everything about your look including your hairstyle but do not know where and how to start? Is your hectic schedule getting in to the way?
The solution to your worries is here! San Diego Hair Extensions Boutique offers you the perfect hair enhancement in the means of the Integration System. Integration system is the modern technique of adding volume, body, and length to your existing hair.
The Integration System's unique way of getting things done can be attested through the following features:
*Natural hairline – because the Integration system is a hair enhancement, you can never go wrong with noticeable polyester base
*Polyskin front – choose between having scalp or none
*Wide net base – take your pick from a 1/8-inch or ½-inch web-like cap
*Hand tied fibers – with a manually done Integration system, you are assured of precise stitching
*Poly coated perimeter
*Base material colors include clear, flesh, pink, black, brown, light reddish brown, yellow, or any other shade of your preference

*Made for any type of hair – whatever type of hair you have, the Integration System can suit your needs and wants
Custom made to your hair color, highlight, and per cent gray content
The Integration System is non surgical, so you do not have to be anxious about surgery related phobia, or the like. As it is, the Integration System is easy to wear and put on. You are secured of the polyskin fit, and its versatility.
There are indeed numerous benefits that you can get from the Integration System. However, the one that tops the rest is that its being “lifestyle-specific”. Meaning, however busy you are at work, or anything, the Integration System can stand up to an active way of living, and still projecting completely unnoticeable.


















Shrink-Link Hair Extensions
Method uses tiny little plastic tubes which have a very light coating of keratin on the inside.  The Shrink-Link is threaded onto your natural hair, a pre-bonded strand of extension hair is then placed inside the tube along with your natural hair and then using a special heat clamp the Shrink-Link is then heat activated and shrinks around them both.  This provides a water-tight seal and is a very kind method of hair extensions due to there being only a tiny amount of glue inside the Shrink-Link thus no glue is actually fusing with your natural hair and the hair extensions.  The glue is just there to prevent slippage.
The Shrink-Link hair extension method is also very hardwearing, they last the full 4 months+ with little or no maintenance required, the plastic does not break down and there is no shedding due to the hair extension strand being pre-bonded.  With the hair being pre-bonded for use with this method the extension hair can also be reused.
Take down is a breeze, the Shrink-Link is just reheated and worked down the hair strand, this leaves a little amount of residue which is easily removed with oil, therefore there is no need to use any chemicals on the natural hair whatsoever.
The Shrink-Link hair extension method take approximately 2 hours to install including cutting and blending.













All of San Diego Hair Extensions Boutique, Hair Extensions techniques and or Hair Integration and none Surgical Hair Replacement may not be listed above. We offer over 20 Hair Extensions techniques. If the Hair Extensions system you require is not listed above. please call Text or Email and we can quote and explain the technique you are interested in. Customer Service is Standing By 24/7


Call or Text: 1-858-205-0801


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