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Below is a phone interview with CEO of  San Diego Hair Extensions Boutique and InStyle!


InStyle... Hello Daisy, How long have you been doing hair


San Diego Hair Extensions Boutique.... I have been in the Hair Extensions industry for over 20 years.

InStyle.... What is the average age, gender of your Hair Extensions clients.
San Diego Hair Extensions Boutique....  I offer over 30 hair extensions, that makes San Diego Hair Extensions Boutique able to offer Hair Extensions to the whole female, and or male population, our Hair Extensions services, and become a potential client. San Dego Hair Extensions Boutique age ranges is usually teens up to late 80's.                                   

InStyle.... How many different Hair Extension methods do you offer?
San Diego Hair Extensions Boutique.... As of today, I offer OVER 30 Different Hair Extensions types.

InStyle.... Why do you offer so many different Hair Extensions methods?
San Diego Hair Extensions Boutique.... Good question. The reason we offer so many hair extensions methods is that, my clients have different hair needs, with different  budgets. Many people cannot afford our high quality hair extensions methods like Hair Dreams hair extensions, Great Lengths hair extensions, Hair Locs hair extensions, ext. Therefore, I needed to have affordable Hair Extensions options, for the entire client spectrum.

InStyle.... How do you decide which hair extensions method to use when you first meet with a hair extensions client.
San Diego Hair Extensions Boutique.... The way I decide on what type of hair extensions is best for a client is. I first see what the clients hair need  is, wanting to accomplish, what type of Hair Extensions is best for each individual client, and day to day life. ( what type of hair extensions is going to be the easiest to maintain with the client busy life style), and then what is the client Hair Extensions  budget. For example, some of  San Diego Hair Extensions Boutique clients may be on a budget. In other cases, a client  price range is not an issue..

InStyle.... What is your favorite hair extensions method to work with and why?
San Diego Hair Extensions Boutique.... Honestly my favoite hair extensions method, is the hair extensions, or non surgical hair replacement system that my clients love and is able to manage at home. Im certified in over 30 Hair Extensions systems and hair replacement . But if I absolutely had to pick one.  My favorite would be Hair Dreams hair Extensions. It is one of my  high quality Hair Extensions systems product I offer. It has a great reputation, and lasts around 6 months for basic quality hair and 1 year for special quality hair. It is reliable, with great product support, and most of my customers love Hair Dreams quality of hair .

InStyle.... Do you work with clients with hair loss and hair thinning?
San Diego Hair Extensions Boutique.... I love to work on people with difficult issues, such as alopecia, and who have undergone cancer treatment. For these clients, I use Non surgical hair replacement, and hair integration systems.

InStyle....What is the price range for your hair extensions, non surgical hair replacements, and hair integration systems?
San Diego Hair Extensions Boutique.... Price range for Hair Extensions At San Diego Hair Extensions Boutique, very it is determined on the hair extensions system, quality, quantity, and length of hair. Since I offer such a wide range of Hair Extensions products, prices start at $100 and could work its way up to $5500.

 InStyle....What should a person who wants hair extensions know about getting hair extensions?
San Diego Hair Extensions Boutique.... Clients should know, hair extensions require at home care. You will need to take care for your investment. That means, visits to your hair extensions stylist on a regular basis for proper maintance. You need to brush and wash correctly. I give each of my clients a hair care/ Hair Extensions pass, with thorough verbal directions for at home care. Also I let each of my clients know they can call me any time 24 hours a day, if they need me.

InStyle.... Our time is up, I love talking to you, hopefully we can talk again soon. If some one wants to contact you or have more  hair extensions questions  how can they contact you?
San Diego Hair Extensions Boutique.... Thank you so much for calling me, and giving me this amazing opportunity of having a phone interview with you, and your company.. okay ( slightly laughs )  If any potential client's will like to contact San Diego Hair Extensions Boutique, have any hair extensions questions, or will like to schedule a complimentary consultation they can call or text us at 1-858-205-0801, or vist our site at or .org

InStyle.... Good Look on your amazing Hair Extensions journey Daisy. Our company is very excited about you and your future.
San Diego Hair Extensions Boutique.... Thank you thats so sweet to say, thank you.

San Diego Hair Extensions Boutique.... Bye Bye

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